Meet the Experts

Meet Our Experts: The Heart and Soul Behind Paris Wigs & Extensions

  • Heather

    Heather Norton, owner of paris wig and extensions, and a licensed hairstylist, with nearly 20 years in the Hair and Wig industry. Heather excels in customizing both  human and synthetic hairpieces and wigs. She is known for her patience and commitment to her clients. Heather will go the extra mile to ensure each client find exactly what they need whether it’s a special order or unique color customization. She’s dedicated to helping women feel confident and beautiful, and believing that great hair can significantly boost any person’s overall self-confidence.

  • Teresa

    Meet Teresa from Iowa, a mother of three with a great sense of humor and a compassionate heart. She's an expert in wigs and toppers, having worn them herself for years. Teresa is passionate about sharing her knowledge with clients, ensuring they leave our store confident and well-informed about their new hairpiece. If you have any questions about wigs or hairpieces, Teresa is the go-to person!

  • Betsy

    Meet Betsy, a native Arizonan known for her incredibly friendly and warm spirit. Not only is she steadfastly loyal and dedicated to helping others, but she also greets everyone with a smile and a readiness to assist. A licensed hairstylist, Betsy excels in delivering exceptional haircuts and styles, taking the time to understand and achieve the exact look her clients desire. If you're seeking empathy and a pampering experience, especially during challenging hair situations, Betsy is the perfect choice.