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Short and Sassy Endless Options

Paris Wigs carries a large selection of short wigs. From an extra short pixie, to a generous shag, Paris Wigs has a short style to satisfy your hair requirements. Short wigs come in curly, straight, sophisticated and funky styles and in colors inspired by both the salon and nature.



Textured pixie front view

Textured Pixie salon inspired colors


Angled Tomboy




Veronica Blonde


Wave Bob



Medium in Length Uniquely Yours

The sky is the limit with Medium Length wigs. Paris Wigs carries the popular brands with the most fashion forward styles. Our modern wigs are stylish, lightweight, and affordable. No matter what mid-length style compliments you, Paris Wigs is your go-to destination.

Longer Lengths

What pleases you? Is it long, luscious, beautiful hair? Paris Wigs offers long, quality construction wigs made of the highest quality synthetic fibers. From beach wave, to romantic curls, to long and sleek, Paris Wigs carries the styles you have been longing for.

Goddess Waves






Kris. Trendy- you will get compliments!

Blair Curled

Charlotte Curled


Human Hair Wigs The Ultimate Luxury

Top of the Line. Top Shelf. High-end. Human hair wigs offer the ultimate in soft, comfortable wear, and endless styling possibilities. Paris Wigs offers 100% Remy Human hair.

Our hair is strong and still has the cuticle intact, ensuring that your wig will last as long as possible. Feel free to curl and straighten your wig, blow it dry, and use your salon quality haircare products on these wigs. Nothing beats the feeling of soft human hair on your back or to the touch. For a purely organic, beautiful experience, treat yourself to a Human Hair Wig.


We all wear em! Come to Paris Wigs for the best selection and prices on both synthetic and Human Hair extensions. Hair extensions come in sets and contain between 1 or up to 10 pieces of clip-on hair to add length and density to your current hair. We carry several lines of the highest quality extensions, including human hair, traditional synthetic, and heat styleable synthetic. We can also refurbish your old hair extensions to give them new life!

Berlin Topper

Medium TP Mono

New Addition

Milan Topper

Top-Piece Extensions

Extra Hair where you need it the most. Many clients come to us hesitant about wearing a full wig but they need to find a solution for thinning hair. A variety of factors such as hereditary reasons, stress, and medications cause our hair to thin. Toppers are hair extensions that add fullness to the crown of the head, and give a more dense look overall, without changing the style of your hair.

At Paris Wigs, our stylist help you select a natural and lightweight topper, and then cut the piece so it lays directly over your hair. No one ever knows someone is wearing a topper! These things are amazing!

Ponys and Bangs

Wrap pony tails are a great way to add length, fullness, or curl in a matter of moments. Our wrap ponys are made of heat friendly synthetic fiber which can be curled or straightened. They come in a variety of lengths and colors, and customized trimming is always included with your hairpiece. Ever wanted bangs but do not want to cut your hair? Clip on bangs offer natural results with no commitment!



Everything you need to know about wigs

Are wigs hot?

No, long gone are the days of the full scalp, hot and sticky wigs that women wore in the 60's and 70's. Today, wigs are made with a variety of scalp constructions that all allow for proper cooling of the head. Most wigs alternate rows of wefted hair and plenty of open space for your head to breathe. Upgraded wigs have a natural scalp material with hairs sewn on to it, leaving many passage ways for air to flow. Synthetic fibers are so lightweight, than an entire wig only weighs a few ounces. HUman hair wigs and soft and comfortable, and are no more dense than an average head of hair.

Will my insurance pay for my wig?

Many companies will reimburse up to 100% of the money you spend on your wig. At Paris Wigs, we guide you through the process of billing your insurance for a reimbursement. You will need to provide the following documents from your doctor: Prescription for a Cranial Prosthesis, Diagnosis code, and a copy of your insurance card and drivers license. Then we can write up a cranial prosthesis receipt for you to submit for reimbursement.

How do I wash and style my wig?

As a generalization, wigs and hair extensions only need to be washed every 30 times that you wear them. Start by filling up your sink with cool water and adding a cap full of synthetic or human hair shampoo, depending on the fiber of your wig or extensions. Gently swish and sway your wig or extensions in the water until they are clean. Rinse wig thoroughly. Follow same instructions but with conditioner. Rinse out the conditioner and hang your wig on a skirt hanger by the tag to air dry if it is synthetic, or on the styrofoam head if it is Human hair. When dry, brush your wig and style as usual. Synthetic hair does not need any blowdrying or curling as the original style bounces back. Human hair needs to be touched up with a flat iron or curling iron after washing. Paris Wigs offers same day and next day service if you would us to professionally wash, condition, and style your hairpiece.


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